Jul 17 2011


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This post is mostly about  why? Like why you should buy your child face paint for being brave at the eye doctors.seriously, this stuff gets on everything!!!! Never again. Also why you should do a dress check before church, what was he thinking? He looks like a chef.He had his jumper under the shirt, where did I get him from, lol.

The other night I had to rush out around tea time, so I said “Lachlan, you can make tea” I don’t normally do this, so he stood shocked with his mouth open. It was an easy meal, enchiladas. When I got back an hour later he was still cutting up the chicken.To cut a long story short, he did a good job.

Yesterday I went out with some of the ladies from Sth Yarra Church, it was lovely to catch up.Look, I found some more cool books, I love the art work in these books.Have a look.andoh, to looks so glamorous while hemming.Now I have a collection, who knew.My husband bought me a snuggie, I’m not sure what that means. I am wearing it now, I am warm (saves on heating I guess).

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