Jul 14 2011

Another week

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Boy, don’t the holidays go quickly? I am on the tail end here. I have been going through all our dress ups, can you believe that we have over 20? Of course most are from the op shop over the course of 16 years. I have also been going through my baby things to giveaway ( a very difficult thing to do). I have taken the change table out of Camden’s room to giveaway too. Meanwhile I have taken out Lachan’s bookcase, and have replaced it with a desk (so he can study, hint, hint). Therefore the house in a total mess right now, with piles of clean goodies lying around.We went to the zoo this week. The Melbourne Zoo is free for children under 15 during the holidays and the weekends. We still have to pay for the us, and for Steph now, so it does still add up. As you can see, Cassandra hasn’t got her glasses on, because she broke them again!!! Now she is wearing them with sticky tape.Awh, look at his eyes. When I look at orangatangs  (spelt wrong, I know), I think of my nana. She had big brown eyes too. I miss seeing those big eyes.This is cool eh? And what about this.$69 for one dress up? Rip off! Our collection must be worth a bit then eh? This is evidence. My side of the bed is to the right of the picture. Me thinks that my hubby hogs the bedsheets. Between that, his snoring, and Cassandra having another bout of bedwetting this week, I am totally tired. Today I drove Steph, Lachlan and Alycia to a friends house, but drove for 15 minutes past her street, ugh! Today I should avoid polite company ( do I sound all Jane Austin?, I watched Persuasion last night :D)

I have heard that teenagers get up to mischief when their parents go out, well, it is the opposite here. Do you think that Steph will notice that I have filled part of her cupboard?

These are some of the torches for Dayspring Day. Don’t ask me how they tie into the knights them, but I’ll think of something. At $2 each with the batteries included, it was too much of a bargain to pass up.The perfect gift for a baby scholar. Yes, you too can learn Biblical Greek or Hebrew! I’ve ordered the Greek and Hebrew ones for a friend who is about to have her third baby. They are board books, so they are perfect to get your teeth into 😀Oh no, not another doll! Yup, I just can’t resist. It’s a lovely little Asian one, and only for $5! I was going to give it to Alycia, but Cassandra just claimed it.

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