Jul 10 2011


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Jared arrived home yesterday. I told him that we could see two young girls who were the pilots, tee hee. Actually we could see two men, I was just stirring. We were all very happy to see to him. He even bought us gifts…Jared bought a pack of 6 key rings with “Perth” written on them. The youngest got to choose which one they wanted first, i got the t-shirt shaped one. The three youngest also got a water globe, two had a fish inside a one with a black swan. Cassandra’s one has already broke.

Friday night my sister, Auntie Nicky came over, and we all went to the drive inn. We went to see Mr Poppers Penguins. We all sat in the boot of the van, it was sooooooooo cold.  Sat morning at 1 am Cassandra woke up after she vomited, nooooooooo. At 8am she was asking for bacon and eggs, go figure. She has already recovered. We stayed home from church just in case.Wednesday night we had a few of Steph’s friends over for tea. The girls stayed over, and the boys went home.Look what I got in the mail, a lovely bunch of felt, mmmmm. I have just found some random pics of some mugs I found too, I hope that they give you a little chuckle.and….

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