Jul 05 2011

What to do?

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What do we do when Jared goes away for a week? The three youngest have been going to a kids club at Donvale  church, which they love. For $50 my children get to do crafts, sing songs, learn Bible verses, and generally just have fun. Bargain. In the afternoons we have been op shopping (afterall it’s cheap entertainment). Seriously who can afford to send everyone to the pictures or to bowling? I have been sending my kiddies to bed early, and just having Steph and Lachlan up for a bit later.This is what I found in my fridge this week, I have an Army Boy, lol.Camden got a game from the op shop, Mouse Trap! He was told that it was $1, but then they gave it to him for free. I have a big box of junk that I let the kiddies get into, to make something artistic…um!! Guess what I got as a gift last night 😀I found these knights in a second hand shop, I wish I had a 100 of them to use for Dayspring Day.More books, ugh, where will I put them? Did I tell you I went to the Library yesterday with the kiddies, and discovered that I owe $27! Ouch! I haven’t paid it yet, I’m just using a different card (always have a couple of people in your family with cards, just for this purpose ;D)I also found this tupperware collection. I actually bought it for a friend, but now I have envvy, and am wondering if I will actually give it to her…I’m doing a deal with Cassandra at the moment. She has little mistakes (bed wetting), every now and then, so as an incentive, she will get this when she has 10 nights where she is dry. She told me that her memory isn’t good, so I will have to show her every morning to inspire her (ok, so she didn’t actually use the word inspire, but something like that).Look at the cute bat that Camden made at his kids club, so clever. He is now hanging up in his room ( the bat, not Camden).

My coins arrived today, yay!!

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