Jun 26 2011


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Say Hi to my family.When I look at my family, I feel absolute joy, but I also remember the hard work that got us to this point. I’m not talking about the nappy changing or the washing, meals or dishes, I’m referring to the character training. I certainly don’t think that I have perfect children ( that’s impossible, plus, I’m not perfect either), but I am pretty happy with the way they are going. I have been amazed over the years at the children’s stubbornness, their sneakiness, the naughty ways that they can get into trouble. I remember the hours of discipline, the tears the prayers. I also understand the wisdom of older christian women saying that it is by God’s grace that your children come to know Him. We try to guide, but it’s God who calls them to Himself. My prayer is that God will continue to guide each child to Himself. Another amazing thing is that we learn so much about ourselves when raising our children. What we believe, what we really value, and how horrible we can be as parents on a bad day. Thank you God for forgiveness.

What a busy week we have had. Steph has just found out that she is going to India for a trip, and not the Middle East. She has been learning Arabic for 6 months, so now she will change her language and get cracking. Part of this trip is that she has to raise a third of the money (by getting sponsers), and a third is paid by a church organisation, and a third she has to earn the money herself. We considered her getting a job at Safeway, or something similar, but we seriously don’t have any time for that. We are out every night, and busy with Lachlan on Sat. too busy to drive her everywhere. She has been giving some piano lessons, so she has money from this now, but she still has a lot to do. This week she has made two crocheted teasets, and has sold them for $30 each. Do you think that they are cute?They have two cups with saucers, a teapot with a removable lid, with a teabag.So cute!

I had better get off now, my little one is calling me to give her a cuddle.

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  1. Bronon 26 Jun 2011 at 10:49 pm

    He all the best for the money raising for Steph…she has done a great job with the crocheting.

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