Jun 23 2011

I’m Back, yay!

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So much has happened this week, so I will trying not to overload my poor little ole blog  today with too many pictures (yeah, right). Firstly my dear Jared turned 40! Now we are both old. I cannot believe that we are 40, remember going to his mother’s 40th birthday when I was 16!! I still have the invitation, ugh! I digress….Any how, I ended up giving Jared $50 (because I never know what to buy him, and you really can’t buy him undies and socks for a 40th can you?). He seemed happy, but of course I had to take it back again a couple of days later to pay for a Boys Brigade camp that Camden and Lachlan are going too. Yeah, parenting is tough like that, I did the same with my birthday money…I digress again. Jared’s grandpa turns 89 this month too, she we had a combined birthday celebration at Jared’s brothers. They live closer to G’ma and Pa, and they have a big house. So I brought the food, and we ate it at their house, and Grandma insisted on paying me for the food (how nasty am I, but have you ever said no to a grandma before, no seriously?). The highlight of the day was this photo of our family. Next time we will have one with Jared’s parents in it too. I have changed the faces for those who do not like the internet, can you guess who they are?A couple of days before this (on Friday night), Jared and I heard a bang, and withing five minutes three fire trucks were outside in our street. A house had blown up, and was totally gutted. Shocking. It was four houses down from us, on the same side. The weird thing is that no one in the street could smell any smoke, and I didn’t see any flames (although a few people said that it shot up into the trees quickly). I am so thankful that the FTs came quickly, as we all live around trees. I haven’t seen the owners (or renters around since).I met a few neighbors who live in other streets.  This week we also had heavy winds, and I mean scary. I woke up at 2am, when I heard a crash. It was a tree in our neighbors yard. They had two come down, one crashing into their car port. Poor neighbours. Meanwhile I am thankful that none landed on our house, and that they were kept safe too.

I went for a visit to my sister’s house on Thursday, she lives in Rosebud. I like Rosebud. We arrived, just when her friend found out that her nanna had died, so it was a little awkward. I was trying to keep the children from being too happy, but that’s pretty hard. Nicky and I and three children ended up going op shopping. The children loved this, as auntie Nicky, is the magic fairy who gives the children their hearts delight. To be honest, I enjoy it too. While we went shopping, I found these really cute dolls.I bought them to put into the present cupboard, but I must say that I would like them for myself. Alycia found a sister for her little brown baby, auntie Nicky bought it for her.We had a lovely day, some found it exhausting though 😀

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  1. Bronon 23 Jun 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Never a dull moment in your house:)

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