Jun 14 2011

Swords and More..

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One sword finished, only 99 to go….I’m so stupid, what am I thinking!!

Yesterday we woke up to find that Stephanie’s rabbit, Pickton was missing. Oh no! I cannot believe it, after half an hour of searching Alycia found him under our van. It took some bribing, some chasing, and us tripping over some stuff, we got him. We actually brought him inside to calm him.Have I told you that I love the show “How Clean is Your House”? I thought that I would put into practice what I have learn’t from that show. I have some pen marks on our creme leather chair.So with the use of some hairspray, sprayed directly onto the ink, then a bit of dabbing, this is what I have..Magic!

Over the long weekend, we have done a bit of op shopping too. Cassandra asked me for this book, how could I say no? I just love the pictures.Alycia has just taken up knitting, so she made herself a little bag to hold her vaseline (for her lips).

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  1. Bronon 14 Jun 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Yes you are crazy but it is the moments of craziness that can leave the longest impression on others….so happy sword making!

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