Jun 12 2011

Have I said…

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that I love my family? I am so blessed by all my family. I especially love the way the kiddies get along well. The other night I was wondering what Lachlan was up to, so I went and checked, and found him here.We call these two our twins. Although they are 21 months apart in age, they are inseperable. They speak their own language, they can read eachothers thoughts. I am so thankful for their relationship, Steph helps guide Lachlan, and Lachlan listens, and vice versa. It has been so nice to have Lachlan home from school for a couple of days so that they can reconnect. Here they are listening to music, an ear piece each, while Lachlan writes, and Stephanie crochets.

We had a lovely day today, Jared preached at Essendon and Clifton Hills Pressie Church, I love his strong preaching. We then came home to visitors, so nice.

Yesterday I made some Anzac biscuits.These are very simple to make, and very yummy. Here is the recipe for you.

Combine these four ingredients into a large bowl.

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup plain flour

1 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup of dessicated coconut

Melt 150g butter with 2 Tablespoons of golden syrup

in another container mix 2 Tablespoons of boiling water with 1 1/2 teaspoons of bicarb soda. Combine into butter mixture (it will froth and rise), then add all the wet ingredients into the dry and mix.

Make into large spoon sized balls and place on well greased over pans.

Bake on a slow oven of 15o degrees for 20 minutes.

Enjoy! nom nom nom… 😀

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