Jun 07 2011

I’m Here,but Not Really.

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What day is it, what month, I’m really not sure. Two days ago I was in an op shop with  Alycia and I saw what I thought was a Bollywood DVD. I made Alycia buy it for $1, and I was wondering why she was really gringing when she went to the counter. When I got home, Steph was in fits as she pointed out that it wasn’t a Bollywood DVD but a Bellydancing DVD, what! Well, I couldn’t waste it, so I sent the boys out of the room, and the girls and I had a bit of a try (well, actually Cassandra and I did, while Steph and Aycia sat down and laughed).This is what we were watching.I am not putting a photo of me doing it (no one wants to see that), but let me just say that my right side is a tad sore two days later (boy, who knew I could move my hips like that :D). This is not a bad exercise, yeah, seriously. I could feel my tummy muscles (that has to be a first), and my arms warming up, not a bad thing to do on a cold day. Maybe you could all give it a go, hee hee.Lachlan was given more army gear this week, he was so impressed. Jared and I are freaking out that he might end up in the army, just because of the cool stuff that he gets, ugh!He has to cook!!! Maybe I could buy a couple of these for the kitchen, and say “go for it, cook up a meal for seven!”Speaking of cooking, this is my rice….no we didn’t eat it.I forgot to show you the nice set that I bought a few weeks ago from the op shop. Don’t you just love it? Jared says that it is too good to use, but I love the specialness of using it everyday. I have a couple of cups and saucers as well, sweet!This is my little cooking buddy, isn’t she cute.  She makes me laugh so much. This week I have cooked heaps. we were on morning tea duty, we also had a fellowship lunch at Church, so I cooked alooooot. I love seeing the peoples eyes light up when they see that there is some yummy food awaiting them.Alycia has spent some time making up some “food” for her American girl doll, Josefina. Alycia has also been making “real food”. She is trying to save up for a church camp. There is one in a couple of weeks that three children could go to, but that would add up to $700 in total, so Alycia is saving up for the summer camp, for just after Christmas. Thanks to my friend Narelle, she has made a bit of money making some lemon cakes at $5 each. My friend also allowed Lachlan to mow their lawn on the weekend, giving him a hefty allowance to go toward his saving, thanks Narelle, I hope that we won’t make you broke. We were also given some wood for our fire, which I have on right now, cosy.Here is Cassandra sitting by the fire with her new gloves on, she cracks me up.

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