May 28 2011


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Soccer day today. Last week it nearly killed me watching Lachlan and his team play, they were so bad. This week Lachlan had been made goalie so to motivate him I had a little chat. We made up a contract. If he stops a goal, I would give him $5, but if he misses I would take a dollar. I made a bit of an official joke of it.We both signed it, and Stephanie witnessed it. I now owe him $13.

Lachlan is 14, and nearly taller than Jared.Oh yeah, I’m a singer. Steph had to write some music to go with one of the poems that the school gave to her, a silly poem about a dragon toasting some bread. The music was so high, that we all sounded awful when we sang it. I tried to sing it lower, and then she taped it, my voice is going to get graded..haha.Do you like Camden’s hair? This is what he would look like everyday if I didn’t get him to brush his hair.This is Alycia and Cassandra going through Alycia’s glory box. I love the fact that she is collecting items preparing for her own home and family. Cassandra was saying to me, that she can’t wait to have one too.

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  1. Bronon 28 May 2011 at 9:00 pm

    A glory box…I had one of those as a young girl and by the time I got married i had so much lovely stuff to set up home….good for Alycia.

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