May 24 2011


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I just have to say, wow. I have been getting so many hits from the sewmamasew giveaway. In the last 24 hrs I have had over 65o hits, wow. A bit different from my normal 20-40. Us girls love a giveaway eh? I have been checking them out too, there are a lot of goodies out there.

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my mum, we went window shopping at Lintons, past Frankston. I had my phone with me to take a few pics of the goodies (that stupid phone makes very loud clicks when I take a photo, doh) it is very difficult to take sneeky photos of goodies, and a bit obvious when I cough.I took mum to the op shop afterward to give her a bit of “thrifty culture”, she couldn’t get over how huge Savers op shop was. I found this cute silver plated container for $5. I also bought an old little bowl, but I accidently chipped it on the way home, ugh. I found this cute little English looking coat for Cassandra too, doesn’t it suit her?Stephanie is starting to crochet things to raise money for an overseas trip to an orphange early next year. This is the teapot that she has finished, I think that she will make two cups and spoons to go with it.See this money box? Steph loves pigs, and she is always amused by asian translation written on notepads etc, so when I saw this, I thought she would enjoy it.Don’t you love the exclamation mark?

I have started to plan for Dayspring Day again this year, it will be a knights theme. I have just ordered 100 of these.I have also got working on menstrual pads for Malawi. I have to send a couple off to a lady so that she can show a lady in Malawi, before I get everyone to make them. So if you check back with me in two months, maybe you could make some too to donate.

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