May 19 2011

Two Weeks

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Do you believe that we have been home for over two weeks? The time has flown by. In that time, we have visited Jared’s Grandparents, had lots of piano practice visits (for Stephanie doing a trio for school exams), catching up with school, and meeting up with a special friend who now lives in Brisbane, but visited Melb for a week.

Today our Washing machine went in for a new engine, ugh!  This is my chant for today, “Please be back very soon, please be back very soon” You all know how tragic it can be without a washing machine. I hear little voices in my head saying “in my day, we had to use a boiler, and then use a wringer..” yeah, I know I am better off, but I need my washing machine!Stephanie asked me to buy her some sardines, but then she wouldn’t eat them, so I said “It’s time”. So this is how she ate it, gross! Mind you, I remember my sister eating these things, so I guess there must be more of you out there 😀This is the best thing I have bought as a homeschooler. It cost me an arm and a leg years ago, but it has been a great investment. All my children have learned about the countries of the world this way, that is such a good thing. I love the fact, that Cassandra is using it with Camden now.Today I made these, yummo. They were so easy to make, they only took about 10 minutes, and everyone loved them. Melissa posted the recipe on her blog, you can find it here:

I still have so much to show you….

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