May 13 2011


Published by at 7:04 am under sewing,Sewmamasew Giveaway Day. watching my daughter for the last couple of years crochet all manner of things, I decided to give it another try. I took up the challenge in Oxford actually, because I had alot of time by myself. I was having a hard time finding the circles to put my hook in though, because I was doing it so tight. When I got home, I asked Stephanie what I was doing wrong. With a few hints from her, she had me on my way ( I was just crocheting too tight). So I’m still a bit wonky, but I was still able to make a little purse for some coins. It won’t win any prizes, but you have to start somewhere eh?I also made a wonky facewasher/dishcloth (not to be used for both :D).Then I started on another square, but half way I decided to crochet all around the edges, so it became a circle. Who knew! And now it sits next to me…

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