Sep 09 2008

Icky and Snippy!

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Yes, I still have icky children (I’m not feeling that great myself), but because everyone is so slow, and lacking energy I found some time to be snippy (with the scissors). Here is Alycia all bathed, you can’t help feel a little better after a nice clean up.

Steph, Lach and Camden seem to be over the woarst now, I’ll just wait and see where little Cassie ends up.

Jared told me that I could throw this shirt out, so I decided to cut out some hankies with it. I always feel ripped off spending money on hankies (especially plain white ones!), so these will be for Lachlan. I got about 7 cut out (they are yet to be sewn). I also cut out an apron for my sister’s friend, and a bag, and another gratitude wrap (I will sew them all another day).

Um, what will I do with the cuffs? Should I write Super mum, or…Ok, so I’m, not artistic…

Ellie came over (next door neighbour, who is 11), and she decided to help out and sweep the floor, I swear it was clean yesterday!

Ok, I’m tired now, I’m off to make soup… from a can!

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