Apr 18 2011

Sunday, The Lord’s Day.

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We headed off to Church this morning, after googling for an appropriate one.  Of course, we wanted a Church that was faithful to the Gospel. We caught the bus.We asked a passanger and then the bus driver if he could stop at the Baptist Church, neither knew it, because it wasn’t a large 300 year old building….well, now they both know where it is 😀It’s wonderful to see and hear other people who love the Lord. Afterward we went for a walk, we saw baby ducks, squirrels, and what I thought were flies (but have since found out that they were bumble bees).and…so cute, but I hear that they are a pest. We then indulged in this, believe it or not,this was a small cup.Now I’m thinking of a giveaway…to celebrate the Royal wedding. Stay tuned.

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