Apr 17 2011

Blenheim Palace

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Today Jared and I headed off to Blenheim Palace. It is about 30 min from Oxford. It cost 19 pounds each to enter, ugh! A very expensive day. It was a long walk just to get to the front door.We went on two tours. Evidently Winston Churchill was born here in a cloak room! He did not grow up/live here though, but he did visit his grandparents here. This house was actually given to John Churchill by Queen Anne for his victory of many battles. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside (rats!), so I only have outside ones.The grounds were huge. We have really sore feet after all of the walking.lovely, lovely, lovely.I found a little place of trees, that I just had to sit amongst. This little area reminded me of my childhood, when I would go and play in the forest at the top of our street in Tasmania.I saw some cute flies. They are all fluffy, with an orange bottom.I also found a cute little coat for 1 pound in the local op shop. I know, I don’t have a little girl anymore, but I can still give it to someone, it’s so cute.Today in the paper, which costs 80p, you get a free dvd on the royal marriages, so I got two.

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  1. kAY eDWARDSon 17 Apr 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Hi Cass and Jared. We are home now and enjoying your blog.
    I love the top you have bought for Alycia. I am sure she will love it also.
    You certainly have done a lot of sight seeing. I know their is so much to see and you wan’t to do as much as possible .
    Eveyone is well here. Dad fixed the indicater , so the car is fine now for Nicky to drive.
    Look forward to reading your next blog.
    Keep well and enjoy yourselves.
    Love you,
    M and D

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