Apr 17 2011

Many Observations.

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There are many observations to make when one is in England. There are so many people speaking French and Arabic, it has taken me by┬ásurprise. It is during the school holidays though, so I guess that might have something to do with it. Also, the little green man on the traffic light doesn’t beep when it’s time to walk (some do, but not many), it makes you aware at how much you rely on your hearing. I have also noted that most girls here are big busted (is that weird to note?). One girl was standing in line wearing one of those 1950’s bras that are like rockets, with a little tank top on, that didn’t cover her. Even I had to look, but I did notice that none of the men in the line were staring (what a nice change), but then it occured to me, that large busts are everywhere..which means…..the bras here are very cheap, and cute, for the “well endowed woman”, hey, even I could get polka dots here ­čśÇ Enough said, I have embarrassed my children enough (no photo here).This is the door where we live. Looking the other way, you can see how close we are to a bus stop.

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