Apr 13 2011


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It seems like forever, but it is only Tuesday. ¬†Jared’s Latin lesson was at 4.30 yesterday, so he studied in the morning, while I blogged. I ended up falling asleep on the bed until 10, just because it is so hot upstairs. Jared has put the heaters on high so that our clothes will dry. We thought that we would have a clothes dryer, and seeing we don’t, and he we have so little clothes, we do desperate things to be clean ūüėÄ I digress ( I do that a lot don’t I?). At 10 I was happy to go out into the fresh air, ah… We caught the bus to the city this time. We are walking a lot, so I am still struggling with blisters over my feet. We discovered that our weekly ticket, is only valid on red buses, um!! The firs thing we did was climb up a tower. It use to be connected to the prison, which was pulled down to allow traffic to flow through Oxford.Jared is standing in front of the door that housed Latimer and Ridley, and later Cranmer in before they were¬†martyred for their Christian faith. It amazes me that we can be walking around where there must have been so much fear, and yet strength to endure. The same God that watched them, now watches us. We climbed to the top, wow, what a view.Ugh, what a gross photo of me, oh well, add it to the list…. After this we went to the A…..museum, it was quite large. The best thing for me, was seeing the replica coins of Henry and Elizabeth…I think that I will have to go back to the gift shop. Hey, they are only 2 pounds for the two.Outside they had a lovely garden of tulips. After lunch, Jared went back to study. Our lunch consisted of a¬†sandwich deal from Tesco. A sandwich, a drink and a packet of chips/fruit for 3 pounds (have I written this already?)¬†. I then checked out the shops, and went to the library. I bought a lovely apron (I would never spend 26 pound on an apron back home), but I guess that it is a special occasion right? I also bought a little top and socks and a thomas hat for my cousin who is expecting the birth of a little boy soon. Oh, I need a photo of that to show you. I’ll do it later. The top was only 5 pounds. here is my apron.Oh, don’t you just love it? It’s a Pip brand. Um, I just remembered that I need to buy Jared some cream for his skin, it’s breaking down, poor boy.

WE tried talking to the children again this morning, but they may as well have been aliens. I thought that Skype was suppose to be good! It was nice to see their little faces, even though most of the lights in the house have blown, so it was pretty dark. Gotta go, places to see.

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