Sep 08 2008

Father's Day.

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I have a few sickies in the house at the moment, so Father’s Day was pretty low key. I wasn’t feeling too great myself, but I still managed the “Breakfast in Bed” ritual. The children happily, but sluggishly helped. Jared seemed to get a little too much chocolate! He also received the expected “Undies” that had been previously thrown all over the shop in which I bought them! (Note to self, don’t hand private things to a  little curious girl, who like to throw things). My Dad and Mum came over for lunch with fear and trepidation…will they catch the dreaded cold?

Father’s day just makes you think more seriously about the need for godly men to be godly fathers. I am very thankful to have a husband who loves his children, and is an example of faith and quiet contentment. Mothers if you are reading this, encourage your little boys even now, know that they will grow up to be father’s one day. Teach them to be godly leaders, who provide and protect their families. We need strong men and women, who guide their families. Generations of Christian families are loosing their children to the world, what can we do to stop this? Pray, teach, and be an example and, fully rely on God.

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