Apr 12 2011

Checking out Oxford

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Jared had his first lesson yesterday, so we walked into the city before hand, and then he left to go to his lesson. I checked out the area, oh, shopping.  Of course I’m reading all the plaques everywhere along the way. I set off to find the library too, but of course I went the wrong way and didn’t find it. There is a sweet undercover market with some cute items in them.Owls and Meercats seem to be popular around London.We started the morning with a little walk. Yes, Jared, I said, of course there will be stairs to get up to the bridge on the other side of this grass. Did I say, very wet grass? Well, there wasn’t so we ended up having wet feet all day, but hey, look at it, isn’t it pretty?Can you see this wooden structure sticking out of the building? It’s holding up the wall! Not everyone in Oxford is an Oxford scholar!Isn’t this tree pretty?I was so excited to see this shop. When we were in London, after doing all the historical sites, Jared said that we could find the shop in Covent Gardens, I didn’t have the address, so I started asking some random women. Jared said, “there is no way that anyone will know it”, I just laughed. Every women I asked knew the shop, but was a little confused as to where it was. So I said to Jared ” I have to ask a vintage girl” he said, what? I walked up to a girl, that looked kinda vintage, and she told me straight away. Jared moaned through the door, as I took in the eye candy. I came out with some fat quarters. Very pretty, but very expensive. Anyway, there is one here in Oxford too! I got a little caught up in it all until I realised what was opposite. It’s the monument to Ridley, Latimer, and Cramner. Three Martyrs. This made me cry (just a little, I’m not a crazy women). To think that it takes men and women to stand up for their faith, to give us freedom to worship Christ. Evidently Cranmer recanted three times before he was burn’t at the stake. From his prison cell, he would have seen Ridley and Latimer burn at the stake, so It must have been difficult for him. What a witness they all were though. The actual spot is marked with an uneventful cross on the main rd (a different coloured stone).Oh, does this make me look smart? I have a library card to the local Oxford library. So cool, they even let you choose the picture you would like. Whose going to choose a bird, or a piece of fruit as their picture if you can have this one, eh? The library is set up like a Borders shop, woo hoo! I am hoping to borrow some books today, when Jared is at Latin. He is next to me studying at the moment, it is difficult not to constantly talk to him (although I must say that he is doing pretty well, at blocking me out :D).Do you like this ring? (don’t mind the wrinkly fingers). I bought it for 5 pounds. It says “Sing”. I love to sing, and it brings to mind the verse “Singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”. I often make up little tunes to Bible Verses, they aren’t masterpieces (the songs, not the verses), but it brings me some joy, and it’s an easy way to remember scripture. I only hope that I don’t knock off all the “Gs” to make my ring say “Sin”.

It’s 7am now, so we are nearly ready to go out. See you.

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