Apr 11 2011


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We got up early to go site seeing. After calling the children at 4am (they are nine hours in front of us), we went to visit McDonalds to use the internet. It was locked, while they cleaned it, although heaps of people where inside cleaning. We had a drunk man, telling us that we would buy him breakfast…Jared took me for a walk down a dark alley (remember, this is 6am), we walked down a (perfect for a backdrop of a murder film lane), only to find a lovely gated garden. Jared quickly turned back, because there were some sleeping bodies in there. We went back to the motel. After half an hour, we went out again, caught a bus or two, walked a lot, and found John Wesley’s Church.opposite the church is a grave yard, where his mother Sussana Wesley was buried.  I think John Bunyan was buried there too. The gates were closed until later in the day, so we didn’t go in.We then went searching for John’s place of conversion (which was in walking distance), we also stumbled upon Charles Wesley’s place of conversion, and a house that John had once lived in.  It’s wonderful to read in public viewing that Salvation is by Grace. Thank you for the free gift of Salvation God. How could Jesus die for such sinners? He did, because he loves us. I hope that you might know this same Jesus as me, who can wipe away all your sins, and turn you into a living sacrifice for Him. After walking around the churches, and wondering exactly what they might preach, I think that all churches should but a faith statement out the front. Why waste your time with false teaching?

We headed off to the Metropolitan Tabernacle for a 11am service. This use to be Spurgeon’s church. It was so special and to be honest it made me a little teary to hear that the gospel is being preached as truthfully as it once was. Despite the years that pass, it’s wonderful to know that God doesn’t. His message doesn’t change with the fads, doesn’t get more complicated, it is simply there, waiting for you to grasp it with both hands. What a wonderful saviour we have! We heard a great sermon (Peter Masters didn’t preach because he had a heavy cold). It had seven points, talking about the Christ centredness of Paul’s life as found in Philippians. I did the unthinkable and took a quick photo once everyone started to leave. It was full before, with every race mixed in together, just like Heaven will be.Afterward, we just filled in some time before heading to Paddington Station to catch a train to Oxford.We had a special request from Camden to tape the sound of Big Ben Donging. It was hilarious. We held the camera up for about 10 minutes, heard it do it’s bit, then Jared said “That wasn’t very impressive”as he lowered the camera, and then it “dodged” once very loudly, lol. So we missed some of it, and it was only one o’clock. haha.

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  1. Sandyon 11 Apr 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Hey Cassie,

    Loving reading everything about your trip with Jared.
    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you all.
    God bless may you enjoy your time together.

    All my Love

  2. Cassieon 12 Apr 2011 at 2:16 am

    Thanks Sandy. I hope that you have settled in well. Godbless.

  3. SLACCon 12 Apr 2011 at 9:59 am

    We have figured out how to leave comments = )
    We all hope you are having a good time, and hope that you won’t get lost on the way to wherever you might be going.
    Love you both
    Stephanie, Lachlan, Alycia, Camden, and Cassandra.

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