Apr 11 2011

Still Day One

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I told you, that it was a long day. Still walking around after more than 40 hrs without sleep, and no shower for about 30 (nice visual image), we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was excellent. Despite me now hobbling, and Jared complaining about general old age ailments, we enjoyed this little treasure immensely (oh, do I sound English, saying that?). On a side note, I think that all French people are on a holiday in England…I’m just saying. Maybe I should say “Peugeots  are lame!” do you think that they would throw some cheese at me? Now, back to the Museum.This is Peter Lombard’s work, in Latin. Jared went right ahead, and tried out his newly aquired skill of reading historical papers in Latin. He couldn’t make out the font, haha, that is a bit of a bummer eh? He did get the gist of it though. Evidently this was widely read in the old days 😀This is Anne of Cleaves, an original little painted container. King Henry married her based on a painted picture of her, he then felt ripped off when he saw her in person (ripped off, and poor Anne). Imagine life without photos? Um, I digress.

The rest of the day seems a blur, I think that Jared and I turned into Zommbies, not long after. I remember Jared saying that he has to do everything, so that he can report back to college..(you owe me a leg massage, college ;D). I remember finally getting to a motel, having a shower, and resting my eyes at around 5pm, and then waking up at 4am. Oh, I did wake up during the night when Jared was holding my arm up in the air with two hands saying “what is that, what is that?” I looked at him, told him it was my arm, then he rolled over and went to sleep. He’s studying Latin? yeah, good luck with that, lol. It is now two days later, and I think that he knows what an arm is , phew, thank you God for sleep.We also saw this, about 100 people dressed in old fashioned clothes, riding bikes. It was cool.

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