Apr 06 2011

Fat Girl Pants don’t have pockets, and other such things..

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I have two more sleeps until Jared and I head off to England. I feel very nervous. I know the children are in good hands, but I am nervous about flying. I keep saying to myself ” I believe in the sovereignty of God”. Knowing that everything that happens in this world is for a purpose, and I must trust.  I will say this often….Oh, I just saw a computer covered in spots! Opps, I digress..

Oh yeah, fat pants. I bought five dollar jeans, they didn’t have pockets, and they were driving me nuts, so I finally got to work.ok, so now I have pockets. What else did I want to make? A water bottle holder. I didn’t use a pattern so I am pretty proud of myself.I wanted it to be adjustable, but I couldn’t get a buckle duva at the shop, so I went to the cheap shop and bought this:so for $4 I now have a a couple of buckles, metal rings, etc…not bad eh?Now I am trying to make a travel wallet, but I have made every mistake that I possibly could. I will wait until tomorrow, and have a look again, it still might end up in the bin.
This is my girl, Cassandra. She has been spelling out some words with magnetic letters. Cassandra is so proud of herself. I am really going to miss her, sigh….

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  1. Bronon 06 Apr 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Have a fabulous trip abroad…it should be very exciting and the kids will be fine i am sure.

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