Mar 31 2011


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Look at the bargain that I found at my local op shop.A whole bolt of material for $5! I also got this one.Bargain eh? Now all I have to sew, um…I could always pass it on to a mission that I know, if I don’t use it, I just couldn’t pass it up. (now, that sounds like a hoarder speaking, ugh!)Can you see the red toadstool lamp? So cute! I only window shopped, really…

For the last couple of weeks I have been visiting a friend who is sorting through all her belongings, due to her ill health. She had a quote for her entire house contents any was only offered $250, how aweful! In one of the boxes that wasn’t looked at, she had 6 Barbie dolls that use to be hers when she was younger. I said that I would try and sell them for her, because I spoke to a man about 6 months ago at a local toy shop shop who said that he collected them ( no comment on that hobby). To cut a long story short, I went to him, and he gave $50 for them, nice eh? At least she got a little extra to put in the kitty now.  It must be a very dramatic thing for her, to throw out most of her little treasures…Take a look at this awesome event. A spider attacking a praying mantis, amazing. I went downstairs to  close the curtains, and saw this. I woke Alycia up to see, I knew that she would appreciate it. A little violent I guess, but fascinating.

Now to wet your appetite, look at this. MMMMmmm..It’s Cadbury too, yummy.. Note to self (Cassie, divert your eyes).

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