Mar 13 2011

The Big C

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I’m not refering to clutter, something much worse, Cancer. I have a friend staying at the moment who has cancer, it’s her second bout, she has been told that she only has about 5 months of wellness. She is only 37, and has two children. My heart breaks for her.

I just read on Melissa’s blog about a young girl who is only 11 who is suffering from cancer, how sad. Mel has organised, and she is hoping that we might join her in sending some stickers and a note card (or if you are feeling really generous), a Blythe Doll. It may not heal, but it will encourage her. Imagine what her parents are going through too, the agony of seeing your child suffer so much. I hope that you will check out Mel’s blog here, and send a little something, or even just a card. A little love can go a long way.You can be a wonder Woman too, please help if you can.

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