Sep 06 2008

Tupperware and Serious Issues.

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Last night I had the Tupperware party that I promised my sister. I am a simple person, who hates asking for money, or people to spend it, so I find these kind of events fairly stressful. Thankfully I had a few friends pop in (three cancelled, due to ill children), but we manged to enjoy the evening(in between sniffles). The TW lady made over $600 in sales, but due to no party booking I don’t get the bonus (I really don’t care, I’m just glad that it is over!).

Stephanie sold her second Nappy Cake last night for $50, I think that this one is really cute!

After getting to bed at 1am (rebel!), I was determined to go to the Right to Life rally in the city of Melb. It was great to walk with so many who recognised the fact that unborn children are exactly that, just unborn! Our government are wanting to decriminalise abortion, and make it really easy and acceptable to have them. One sign that I read today said “It is against the law to kill a possum in your roof, but not to kill your unborn child” what kind of world do we live in, when animals are valued more than human life. After walking down to Elizabeth street from Treasury Gardens, we walked to Bourke st, then to the steps of parliment. When we got there, there were very loud people yelling out that we don’t care that women die! Let me just say, that if we care for these babies, we certainly care for the trouble women too! Please pray for the government, and for the future of all children.

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