Mar 09 2011

What’s this, a blog?

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Oh man, I have left writting on my blog too long, I have too much to tell you. I hope that I don’t forget anything. Now, I’ll have to check my photos to remind myself of what I have been up to. I have continued to de-clutter, and yet, I still think that I could do more :C.I found Cassandra doing this, and this..I wondered what she was doing, and then she showed me this.Exercises found in an Archie comic, haha.This is some of the fried chicken that I made. It was nice, but it didn’t taste like KFC.I have been going through some old photos, this is Jared and I cleaning each other’s teeth. It must have seemed romantic at the time, athough I must say it is rather gross, now that I think of  it.Awh, look at my boy, isn’t he handsome? This is the top that goes with his (cough, cough) kilt! We all like the top.Stephanie was a bridesmaid. She did a lovely job. The wedding it’s self was lovely, they had God honoring vows.

One chap got a little over dressed 😀

We are now falling into routine with driving, I do the early mornings, and Jared has been wonderful doing the evening runs. I feel so much calmer sharing all the driving, I am so thankful for the break in doing it all. I can enjoy it for 6 months, and then Jared will be back at work, and I better get an extra energy boost to deal with it. We went for a lovely drive up The Basin-Olinda rd. How have we not done this before? These are my sweet girls in the back seat.Look what I found on the table, I think Steph is trying out some languages..

Tonight when I tucked Cassandra into bed, I found a lolly under her pillow. To make matters worse, I ate it. She has a good sense of humour, she had a little laugh, phew!

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  1. kAY eDWARDSon 11 Mar 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Can;t beleive the teeth cleaning photo. True love!

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