Mar 01 2011

Oh Man!

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Not again!! Cassandra had a helpful brother who put her glasses on her bed for her.Now we are trying to decide whether she can do without them for two weeks until her next eye appointment, just in case her prescription changes.

Isn’t Alycia cute? She has lost another tooth. She is such a sweetie, she brought home some flowers for me the other day, paid for with her own money.I received my Cookies and Cream swap this week. This is it.Two cute little cards. This is what I sent her.I forgot to take a photo with everything out. You can peak through though. I made another gratitude wrap, some stickers, a ring, and a few other items.ok, so the ring is upside down, but it’s still cool.I took my little princess out for a treat yesterday, she was so happy to be with just me. You see your children in a different light when you have them by themselves. I’m so thankful for my blessings, God has been so kind to Jared and I in giving them to us to train, and love.

I am still de-hording, in fact I am watching “Horder” right now! My kitchen cupboards are full, so I have had to give away a few items. et me give you an example of what a few cupboards looked like. Actually, after seeing the photo, I’ll think that I’l leave it up to your imagination.

Then I began in the boys room, ugh! This is seriously the worst room in the house. I hate going into the dirty sock room. Both boys collect everything. I bagged 4 garbage bags worth of stuff, and the room still isn’t up to scratch. I am a crazy woman right now. I opened Camden’s cupboard and nearly fainted.In this cupboard I found two skirts, Steph’s odd socks, Cassandra’s leggings, and Alycia’s and a pair of Jared’s undies. This is what happens when I ask Camden to put the washing away, well, he did didn’t he?Better? his undies and PJs are in the drawers. I have the rest hanging up.Agh, the face says it all. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle under the bed (groan). I have an early start again tomorrow, so I should think about ging to bed now. Night!

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