Feb 26 2011

Too Fast

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Ugh, the weeks are going too fast. Despite this though, it is slower than it could be, for which I am thankful. Jared has been doing the night time car runs which is a relief. Cammy got his new boys Brigade uniform, so he was eager to try it on. I think he needs a black belt. Lachlan on the other hand was given his army cadets kilt, which he is totally unimpressed with. Granted, the kilt looked like a granny dress (very disturbing), but when he put the whole kit and caboodle on, it looked more impressive. He did not want to pose for this one.Oh man, look what is under his bed. His room is next on my list for de-cluttering. I hate going into his room, he collects everything!!!Look at the sweet cover on this classic. I bought it for $1. We were on the way to drop off more books for QLD flood relief. I had to buy it, so someone could enjoy it.

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  1. Bronon 26 Feb 2011 at 11:21 pm

    It’s funny what you see when you take a photo…..the boys look smart in their uniforms.

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