Feb 17 2011

Congrats, Jared.

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Yay, Jared finally got the “Yes, you have passed” for his Doctrate. He is amazing the way he works, all the time working full time, and still being around for his family. He just loves to study, to keep his mind active. He now has three Masters as well. Alycia cooked him a little cake to celebrate.The little stick on the top, I used when he got is bachelor of theology 20 years ago (I told you I was a hoarder).

Check out the way Cassandra ate her pie for lunch, different eh?The days are a little different for a while, Jared is home on Sabbatical. He works in the lounge room, so he in the thick of things. I find myself not checking my Facebook as often (I don’t want him to think that I am a slacker).

I have discovered that I now have to have Lachlan at school by 6:15 three times a week. Apart from Homeschooling, and other such things such as music lessons, etc I am feeling out of it already. Thankfully Jared is doing some night time runs this year, so now we will both be out of it, but not as much 😀 I also want to catch up with my family, and Jared’s grandparents.Thankfully we have just got our car back, after months of trouble. The car place wanted us to pay a huge some of money after the third time it went in (the first time was still under warranty), Jared ended up contacting the “Watch dog” place, and they suddenly changed their mind, funny that eh?.

I am going through everything that I own, what a huge task. Somethings I cannot let go of because of memories attached to them, but I must say that I am being brutal.Do you like these plates? I found them in an op shop. They reminded me of my nana. The plates are more square then circular, and so are the matching bowls and side plates. It cost me $15 for the 15 pieces.

Two nights I saw the biggest huntsman ever, in our room. Jared tried to kill it, but missed :C. During the night I woke to the sound of the huntsman walking across the wall, creepy. Last night I climbed the stairs to find it (but near my desk). I woke Lachlan and Alycia up, so that they could kill it, for $10 of course. It was so big, that it couldn’t be sucked up by the vacuum. After hairspray, and alot of banging, and so much screaming that I actually became hoarse (thanks neighbours for coming to my rescue, not!), we finally got him. I’m exhausted just thinking of it.This is Alycia sucking up the remains. Now I will wait for the hundreds of babies, ugh!

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  1. Bronon 17 Feb 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Never a dull moment in your house is there…congrats to your hubbie.

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