Feb 10 2011

Goodies Received.

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I have certainly been blessed sooooooooo much. My first swap received was from Jackie http://twosistersinstitches.blogspot.com/ I was in shock when I opened this parcel up, she was so generous. I really do feel blessed to receive such aparcel. How talented is she? I just love this lovely wall quilt, the dish, the hershies (yeah, my kids have their eyes on them)This was my Tilda Swap.You have to love all the pretty colours πŸ˜€and even a dish to put them all in.and the most gorgeous doileys.and beautiful cookie cutters.Thank you very much, Jackie.Everything was so carefully packed too. I must say that she must of fainted when she paid for the postage though :(. They can take you by suprise eh?

I sent my Tilda Swap to someone else, I think she may have it by now.The girl I sent this to, loves snails and turtles, so the material (the orange one has both of these animals on them). As you can see the Turtle magnet didn’t make it, it’s dangerous remember? I hope that she likes the goodies.

My second swap was an apron swap, I sent to the same person that I received from.This cute apron is from Krissy. You can find her here.http://thinking-of-blue.blogspot.com/

I sent Krissy this (I hope that she has it, I don’t want to wreck the suprise).I hope that she likes it.

And because I am really spoiled, I have to show you one last blessing. This one is from Vanessa, she doesn’t have a blog yet, but she is thinking of it πŸ˜€How cool is this? I love the little bucket that she made, thank you so much. Madeline also made a cute Valentine book to go with it. Β Thank you Vanessa. I sent something to Vanessa too.I hope that you enjoy your goodies Vanessa.

I have only discovered today, that someone has been trying to leave a comment on my blog, and that it hasn’t shown up, and that my email has been blocking them, so if you have been leaving a comment, and I haven’t replied, I’m sorry, but I don’t know why. Because I was made aware of this, I just contacted another blog swapper, who I hadn’t heard from, so this is now all sorted too, phew. I would hate to think that someone would think that I wouldn’t hold up to my part of the deal, that would be nasty. I was pretty upset when I found out, that someone was upset with me, but Jared thought that it was hilarious (that didn’t help).

Everyone have a nice Valentines day (i think that I have already celebrated :D). see you.

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  1. Lisaon 13 Feb 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Hi Cassie… Your goodies are all gorgeous.. love the cookie cutters and the dish … and of course all the others… that apron is just great…

    Thanks for taking part… I did put a comment on your blog a little while ago.. I hope I have done it right this time… maybe I didnt do it right last time…

    You have indeed been blessed…

    God bless


  2. Cassieon 13 Feb 2011 at 5:45 pm

    Thanks, and yes, it worked this time πŸ˜€

  3. Vanessa Ron 14 Feb 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Yes Cassie – I LOVE my goodies!
    And I really enjoyed making and collecting the goodies that sent you.

    Hope you have a good Valentine’s Day

  4. Caton 15 Feb 2011 at 5:56 pm

    WOW what gorgeous goodies you received – Those ‘sisters in stitches’ are generous aren’t they! And what lovely goodies you sent too – I haven’t heard if she has received them yet or not but I’m sure she will let me know as soon as.

  5. Cassieon 15 Feb 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Yep it’s working. After the flood relief, I was trying to remove the picture on the side bar, and deleted a few things like my log in button by accident, perhaps that is why I never got your previous comments. It is obviously fixed now though πŸ˜€

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