Jul 21 2008

Happy Little Hippos!

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Why have I titled this blog “Happy Little Hippos”? Because that is what the little children sang as they cooked up their batch of vegetable soup for the homeschooling cooking class. They chopped, peeled, cut, and spread, as nine little chefs did their best, to be just like mum. Isn’t it amazing that little ones want to be just like their parents? It can be quite frightening to think that most of us have someone watching our every move, and that they want to follow us, it makes us try a little harder don’t you think?

Here is a photo of my little chefs, besides stopping one little fellow from eating all the bread (we made some garlic bread to go with the soup), they were all very eager, and helped to clean up too!

┬áNow my two eldest girls have gone to Girl’s Brigade with our little Neighbour, so I need to go and pick them up.

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