Feb 08 2011

I’m so Naughty.

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I know, I have said it before, but I can’t leave a parcel unopened. In the last two days I have recieved my three Valentines Day Swaps, and I opened them all (insert evil laugh here). Wow, what lovely suprises. I will be mean, and make you all wait until you see them. My girls, enjoyed the parcels as much as I.  I can’t wait to show you.A wilting rose. I was about to throw  this rose out today, because it looked old, and worn out, but then……I smelled the most beautiful fragrance. It suddenly occurred to me that this rose is like an old person. I know when people get older, they sometimes feel like they have no purpose, that no one appreciates them, but like this withered rose, their fragrance can still be beautiful.  God talks about our prayers being like a beautiful fragrance rising up to meet him, our good works being a testimony to Him. Don’t overlook the wilted rose, they hold much value, and are loved by God.

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