Feb 06 2011

A Lovely Weekend..

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Something about this weekend, was lovely. Perhaps because it rained so much, and I didn’t have to get up and take Lachlan to rowing at 5.45. We have all been pottering around, and despite the rain, we went swimming in our pool! I have suddenly realised that my 14 year old Lachlan is alot stronger, to the point that when he “playfights” with me, he is actually scary.Alycia made this doll today. I think that Bron? gave her the pieces a while ago. Cute isn’t it? This is the side view.I have spent the weekend watching “Father Knows Best”, it’s sweet, and the family can all watch it together. I have borrowed it from Quickflicks. They send it to you via post, we have been given a free subscription. I have also been destashing. So many magazines, I’m such a horder. This is what happens when I go op shopping. All these are going back to a local craft shop, where they sell them cheaply for a charity.

This morning I woke up and the first thing that I saw was a huge spider (and I didn’t even have my glasses on). I screamed for Jared (he ignored me), so I called out “Who wants $10? I suddenly had four children in my room. I thought that Alycia killed it, but evidently Lachlan did, do now I owe Lachie $10.

I have just parcelled up my last Flood appeal auction, yay! I can post it tomorrow.

See you.

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  1. Bronon 06 Feb 2011 at 11:43 pm

    Hey I thought I recognized that doll…glad to see she has been brought to Life!!
    Nice to see you enjoyed some down time.

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