Feb 04 2011

This and That, and Something Dangerous.

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What could be dangerous? Wait for it…Included in my Tilda heart swap was this “Dangerous” Turtle magnet. The postie told me to take it out, because the parcel might be returned to me if it has this dangerous magnet in it, go figure??

Lachlan had his first Army Cadets yesterday (Cadets is compulsory at Scotch). I think that he looks cute (well, he could ditch the hat, but you know what I mean).. Look at this lovely quilt. Steph made it. It’s lovely and warm, being made of flannel fabrics. She did all of the sewing, and quilting and binding all by herself. She is so talented, and determined. Well done. She also made an amazing turtle, but I will show you that tomorrow.

This week is a blur, School is back on. I have been driving Lachlan to school at 7:15 then home, Steph goes elsewhere on Wednesday. Then every night I have to drive one of the children somewhere (ok, so Jared did the Wednesday night run, in return of me doing the 5.45 run to rowing tommorow morning). Lachlan is suppose to go on Sunday morning too, but he won’t be because Sunday is Church day.I had to laugh at my little nature lover. Aycia caught one big praying mantis and two little ones. When she went to check on them, there was only one left. The big mumma!! Doh, who would have thought a mumma would eat the little ones?

Tonight I went swiming in the pool with the kiddies. I have just discovered that fighting with Lachlan in the pool is no longer fun, but a matter of survival. He is so strong. I personally don’t like the feeling of being pulled backwards and down into the water. He is like a playful pup, not knowing his own strength.

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  1. isabelon 05 Feb 2011 at 7:17 am

    i also had problems. i had to redo one of the heart because i put lavander on it.and they said that the incenerate all the package because of it .” for australia no lavander and no seeds , and no rice paper put all in plastic bags …” said the postman
    oh man !! that isn’t fair !!!

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