Feb 02 2011

Oh Man!

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This is what happens when I muck around with my dashboard on my blog. I deleted how I log in!!! Thankfully I have my history, and can log in this way right now. Mmm, I need to figure it out, or I could beg Jared? 😀

Lachlan is back to school now, I left at 7:15 this morning to get there on time (groan), then I went on to visit an old friend who is very sick. Sometimes words cannot comfort, I only hope that just being there is enough.

The weather has been horrible in Melb, soooooooooo hot. 40 degrees for days, there hasn’t been much relief. I thought that yesterday was the end of the hot weather, but evidently not!Look at this pile of goodies. My generous sister took Cassandra to see a Disney Princess show. You can imagine how excited my little girl was. Not only did she see this lovely show, but she got this huge bag of goodies too! How spoilt is she? I truly think that she was overwhelmed by the end of the day. Today it is sinking in, she is happy. Meanwhile Camden went home with my sister and had his time of fun and leisure. He was taken bowling, and swimming. He has been home for a few hours now, and he is pretty happy. Nicky got him a few goodies too, and evidently Camden said “don’t buy me anything, mum will kill me, and then I won’t be able to enjoy it”. Um??I’m thinking of making one of these for when I head off to the Uk. I don’t like jumpers or coats, so this might be a nice option.I saw this at Koorong, and I thought that it was cool. 😀

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