Jan 30 2011

Have the Holidays Finished?

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Oh man! I can’t believe that January has nearly finished. Where did the holidays go? Oh yeah, I remember…We enjoyed a week at Torguay, in a lovely two storey home, within walking distance to the beach.I love the beach…I love seeing little footprints next to daddy.Now, I know that there are some crazy sewers out there, but really, who wants sand in the material?Go figure!I just had to take a photo of a card that I saw recently, it made me have a little laugh.Look at these pretty plates. I found them in an op shop in Geelong. They were $1 each, bargain. I really like pretty cups, saucers and plates (even though I never drink tea or coffee).In every town we visited, I had to check out the local op shop, a great amusement for Jared.

I even sewed up an apron for my swap buddy while I was there on holiday. The downer of the holiday was that I forgot the huge suitcase that all of the linen for all seven of us, ugh! Jared was very kind and calm, he said “Don’t panic, lets go the Kmart and buy some new linen, we need some anyway”, what  nice husband I have.look at my grey hair! Jared said I need to hit the bottle. He took me down to Kmart ( we go there alot, lol) and he wanted me to buy black hair dye. Jared has always believed that I had black hair, but now that he dyed my hair black, he can clearly see that I never did. Now I look like a…..well, I look different.ok, so I guess if I brushed it, I might look a little better 😀

For Australia Day we had a lovely family over for lunch, they have five little boys. We also had their grandparents over, it was a lovely day.That’s a Ginger beer bottle in the back ground in case you are wondering.We had a few discussions about our Australian history, and I think that we all realised that we all know American history better than Australian history, opps. Have you noticed that the adds telling people to eat lamb on Australia day, has actually worked? Take a look at Coles, Boronia.

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