Jan 20 2011

No Home

Can you imagine not having a home? In Australia, this seems to be so far from our minds.  We had fires a couple of years ago, and I know of someone who lost everything, and now there are floods. As women we often de-clutter, but to lose everything? Well, that would be absolutely traumatic. I have three auctions up at the moment, with all money raised going straight to the QLD Flood Appeal, so I’m asking you to dig deep, and bid. Even if you don’t want the items yourself, I’m sure you could find someone to give the items to, as they are all new. This way, you could do a double blessing 😀

At the moment I am in Torquay, I am surrounded by beauty. I love the water, the fresh breeze, and the sounds of the birds that live near the sea.

ugh! Computers on holidays, who’d have em? I am using my mobile phone as my internet connection, it’s not working the best, so I can’t put up any photos just now…

see you, happy bidding.

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