Jan 11 2011

Holidays are Confusing.

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Oh man, I don’t even know what day it is…

Last night I woke up to a crashing sound, of course I fell straight back to sleep 😀 When we woke up this morning, we noticed the big tree that is in the middle of the garden down, covering the shed. Jared was up, ready to cut it to pieces.This is only part of the tree. It wasn’t a huge one, but it is big enough. Jared spent a good deal of time sawing it up, but it might take a while to get rid of it altogether.

Today I made a couple more pencil cases.and a few note pad covers.Reversible of course..and some pocket tissue covers.I am thinking of starting an etsy shop, what do you think? I need to make a lot more goodies before I think of it seriously.

I just joined up for another Valentines swap too. This one is found here:http://www.cookiesandcreamcraft.com.au/blog/2011-valentine-swap/you-have-my-heart-valentine-day-swap.html

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