Jan 08 2011

Family Day

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We had a lovely day with my family today. We had a lunch with my mum and dad, my sister and a friend of hers, and her dad. My children (especially Cassandra, had a lovely day).  Mum and Dad also gave the kiddies and Jared and I our Christmas presents too. Woo hoo, I was given a Spotlight Voucher. (Spotlight is like Michaels in the US).

This afternoon, the neighbours knocked on our door, asking if the rabbit that they were holding was ours. Pickton had  gone on an adventure. He is so cute but very naughty. We actually let him inside for a while.He doesn’t have red eyes really, it’s just the flash.

Another discovery Cassandra has been creative, by cutting off all the little balls on the end of each bristle, of her brush.That’s gotta hurt.

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