Jan 05 2011

A Happy Camper?

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Not really, but I try. Two nights ago I slept in the tent with Cassandra. I had promised her for over a week, so it was about time. Armed with hot chocolates, and popcorn and disco balls (for every tent needs $3.50 disco balls), we had a very cold night. I woke up a few times, rubbing Cassandra’s cold arms. At last I fell asleep, only to wake up in wee, eww! Do you believe that I nearly (along with Cassandra, ┬áfell back to sleep?) Thankfully mumma sense kicked in, and I was out of there, dragging Cassandra drowsily behind me.The next night it was Alycia’s turn.not much bonding there with the DS. Ok, so she was showing me how to use it, so I guess there was some ­čśÇ

My favourite shopping time is “Stationary shopping”. My heart flutters when I see good brand pencils for $2 a packet, or crayons, or ┬ánote books. Every year we collect heaps to go toward some kind of mission. ┬áThis year I actually put a whole heap of stationary on layby.

While shoppingI also saw these cool things.When you take a bunch of flowers to a hospital, you can never find a vase. Put one of these in your bag, and you have a portable vase! You have to see it to believe it.A pack of three costs $3 from the Reject Shop.

Jared has been working in the garden, he is very creative.Look what Alycia found, a lizard forming in an egg!!So amazing!

Jared made me laugh the other day in the shop. We were all sitting at a table having a drink, when Jared said “Children I have one more present to give you, and it’s just there”, and he looked up to this.haha, a big present, hanging from the ceiling!

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  1. Narelleon 06 Jan 2011 at 8:19 am

    LOVE the present hanging from the ceiling – such fun!!

    I’d be scared to use those vases LOL let me know how they go – I reckon even some glass vases fall over too easily

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