Jan 05 2011

Happy New Year!

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(I wrote this how many days ago?)

My In-laws left this morning, much to the children’s disappointment. After they left we went to Eastland, and then for a swim at home….sweet! We went to a New Year’s Eve party, we arrived at 5.30, and then left at 9.30 (we are so lame). When we arrived the little ones had just come out of a blow up pool. Within 5 minutes, Cassandra was totally drenched. I just stood amazed at her animal antics. She did slow down after a few hours :C

Oh, I have an amazing photo to show you. It is of a unique toilet that I found at someone’s house. I have to wait until I can get my cord for my camera.(ok, so I have the cord now..do you know how embarrassing it would be to ┬áhave someone see me take a photo of their toilet??) I should explain that it has a tap and little sink on the top of the toilet, so when you flush, the cistern fills up, and you use that water to wash. It doesn’t turn off until it is full, so that was a bit awkward as I tried to find the tap knob.

I now am watching Anne of Green Gables, the continuing story. Every now and then I get a fright because I can hear fireworks. Everyone else is asleep, and I have just eaten some lollies. (No New Year Revelotions here eh?)

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