Dec 28 2010

Change of Plans

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My in-laws weren’t coming down for Christmas this year, but they had a dear friend die, so they came down the day before. Man, am I glad I cooked like a wild ninja the day before. I have so much cooked Turkey, Beef, Chicken and pork in the fridge, that I am actually getting sick of it myself.

Monday we dropped Steph and Lachlan off to camp, it will be nice to have just the younger ones for a while (and did I say the in-laws too?). After dropping the kiddies off, we went and visited Jared’s Grandparents, and had tea with them. Today we went to the Aquarium, which Camden and I love. We actually became members again, because I can get my money’s worth if I go twice more times in the year (easy).

I bought this DVD today, it was great. I also got it for 20% off.

Lachlan turned 14 on Monday.This photo cracks me up, the things I get the children to do. Christmas night I told them to wrap a tea towel over their head and to play tactile dominoes. So It wasn’t that fun, and it was hard to breathe under that thing!!

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