Dec 21 2010

The Week Before Christmas.

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So, the Christmas presents are wrapped, and under our fake tree. One Birthday (Cassandra’s has passed), and we have two more birthdays in our little family, Lachlan next (on the 27th), and then Camden (3rd Jan), as you can see, i’t is a very expensive time for us. The best gift that Cassandra recieved was from Steph. She crocheted a ninja, and wrote a story to go with it, it’s a classic!Cassandra always says that she wants to be a rockstar ninja, go figure!

Today we headed off to the beach, I love the beach. I love the water, I could sit and watch it for ages. The children love the sand, I don’t love the sand.I love this picture of Steph.The water was very rough.We had lunch at La Porchetta, and I saw this sign, it makes you think, even if it was said by Bruce Lee.We also went to the Dandenong market, I hate crowds. I’m not very good at pushing past people, so I tend to just be knocked around, by everyone in different directions, I feel like a dodgem car! We had a peek through Savers the opp shop, and look what Alycia found for 5.99. This cute doll, it’s a good brand too.Jared kept saying that it’s head is too big, and that it has encephalitis (enlargement of the head). Don’t worry newly named Esther, we love you and your big head.

Now, I am thinking that I might need to do a giveaway in the next week, afterall it is Christmas 😀

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