Dec 17 2010

Party Time.

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Cassanndra had her little party today, we invited one family over to help her celebrate it. We started with a pinata.played pass the parcel and made a few badges (well, actually I did, the kiddies ran off to play). I was lazy and made an ice cream cake of Barbie, do you like the glasses?When our visitors left, Camden had a good talking to, he was so revved up, and that was before the sugar hit!

Steph left for her hike this morning. My dear girl is in a tent tonight somewhere in Wilsons Prom. Her bag weighed 12kg, she is only 48 kg! I felt like tipping her over. No doubt she will be exhausted when she comes home tommorow night.Just for interest, look what I found in an opp shop. They were 50c each. I wanted the lot, but they wanted $150 for them, so that was the end of that. I bought a few, and then went back with my mum, and she bought me a few more, thanks mum.

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