Dec 16 2010

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My little Christmas cook. Do you like her apron? It’s made from a tea towel! Cassandra received it in her swap yesterday. What a great idea, an apron from a tea towel. They have folded the tea towel, cut out an arch for the arm holes, then with a long piece of bias binding you start with a tie, then sew under one arm, a loop for the neck, and then down under the other arm, leaving the extra for the tie. She also recieved a packet of gingerbread cutters, and some cards with stickers. She just loves craft.

Today we are getting ready for a little party for her.

Jared took the children to work today, to be his helpers. I was left at home, with Cassandra. What a lovely day we had. We went for a walk, made party bags, and then made cupcakes. She said today “your nice today mum”, I hate it when she says that, it means that I’m horrible other times. The truth is, we don’t spend a lot of one on one time together, which I miss.  It was lovely to have lots of cuddles today, and to give her lots of attention.

This is a photo of Cassandra cooking. Her auntie gave her a bunch of icing and edible flowers etc, so we got to making cupcakes last week. I think that she did a great job.They tasted ok too!

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