Aug 29 2008

A cut above the rest!

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Yesterday late afternoon Jared came home looking a little tired and declared that he was going out to cut wood. I suggested that he should probably rest, as He looked a little pale. About half an hour later, Lachlan came running in saying that Dad had cut himself with the axe! I quickly ran down stairs, saying “Do I need to call an ambulance?” To my suprise Jared was inside, with his leg still attached, but with a nasty little cut. He doesn’t need stiches, but I imagine it will hurt for a little bit. The children found it amusing after they got use to the blood, seeing that his sock now had a hole in it (they said thay they mustn’t be the Holeproof brand!). After a bit of pampering, I said that we need to invite our friend Samuel over to teach him how to use an axe (he is 13). Perhaps that is like rubbing salt into the wound?  We thank God, that it wasn’t worse.

Oh, he might have a scar!

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