Dec 14 2010

More Computer Space!

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At last, I can upload my photos. Now, what has been happening around here? I received my Grundle from Lyn on Friday. I love the colours, isn’t it cute?She also gave me a cute little note pad, thanks Lyn.Alycia recieved her Christmas Swap, she loved it. I loved the way that all the craft items were sewn into a neat bag. Alycia got to work straight away.Here are some dolls and teddies that I made to sell, to donate the money to the children’s youth group. How much do you think sold? Nothing!! The baby dolls were only$5. Worse still, I actually lost a bear (heartbreak). I saw a boy ready to throw it, then I was distracted. At the end of the night, I couldn’t find it. The rings that Alycia made, sold. She made $5.50, not the biggest donation anyone has ever seen.The children had a 70’s night dinner as a fund raiser. Here are only a handful of the children. It was a lovely night.Jared received  a card with a balloon, from Melbourne Uni, to congratulate him for finishing his doctorate. Jared was embarrassed to have a photo taken with it, so I held it up in front of him instead.My mum came over today, to give Cassandra her birthday present. Cassandra was very excited, and was upset when Nana left (she wanted to go home with her). She told me that she loves how everything is clean and neat at Nana’s house (what’s that, a guilt trip?).

Tonight I went on an information night with Steph, for her Girls Brigade. She is getting ready for her first hike. The backpack is nearly bigger than her!

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