Dec 09 2010


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My husband is my teacher, he is teaching me Latin, I didn’t want to learn latin, but now I am. I am trying to be good, it is very hard, (to be good that is, not the latin). I have had three lessons now, they have lasted from 1.30- 2 hrs. I have a headache. This is the book we are using.We have had three lessons, this is only one of our pages that we had to translate.My husband says that I am the worst student, I want to poke my tongue out….

Tommorow, the children and I am going to a 70’s party, to raise money for a camp that the children of our church are going to. At the last moment to register, Jared said that the children could go afterall, phew. I asked if we could make a few things, and the money made could go all to the camp. I hope something sells.Hair clips, for $1 each.more sewing of baby dolls and hairbands. Alycia made some rings, and cut some styrefoam to display them.Alycia made rice the other night, don’t you love what she did with the rice?And on another note, I can finally show you the elephant that Steph made for her Grandfather.Speaking of Steph, she got her results for her maths exam. She had only gone to three lessons before she did an exam, and she topped the class!! Haha, that is so funny.

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