Nov 27 2010

This. That and the Other..

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I have had beautiful flowers given to me many times this week. Cassandra goes out every day, and picks me the loveliest flowers from our garden. They are the largest flowers.A big bill for a term of piano and violin for Steph…Two lessons were missed, so this is the reduced rate. Bye bye money.Speaking of money, do you believe that I spent $42 at an op shop this week? Grnated I did buy quite a lot. Stephanie picked up 10 tops. Does she really need ten tops? I dunno, but they were all so nice, and I hate seeing Stephanie in the same top often. I also bought 4 tops for Alycia.I found this great book for Steph, I was really excited when I found it for her.I also found other little treasures, a child’s Bible, farm animals and some textured dominos.This week Camden received his Kids christmas swap, he was pretty happy to have his own parcel.Thank you to Oliver who sent them. Unfortunatley  I don’t have an address or email to send him a personal email, so if your mummy is reading this, thank you.Camden has had his Boy’s Brigade night, where he was given a certificate, and a colouring book. I was so embarrassed by him, he obviously enjoys the limelight. Not only did he bow and  blow kisses, he also did a very flamboyant wave, ugh!

Monday night was Jared’s college dinner. I had to help set up, and .clean up afterwards. It was a lovely night. Stephanie was a waitress for the night with one other teenager and her mother, they worked very hard. Last night was the college graduation, so we have been very busy this week. Oh, and Lachlan had his final exams..

Today I made a gingerbread christmas tree to take to a friends house after church.Then I wrapped it.I bought the kit a few years ago from Big W. I made a number of these one year, they are so easy to make, and cute.I also made my Grundle today, but you’ll have to wait for the pics until after I send it ( I don’t want to wreck a suprise :D).

Lastly, I bought this Wonder Woman costume for Cassandra today, so cute.No one can escape Justice.

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